With our expertly designed and presented workshops, Presenta Connect will ensure that your brand objective is delivered to your chosen target audience. Not only are our workshops fun and informative, they are designed to ensure a positive learning experience that can be translated into delivering true business benefits.


A comprehensive programme of training, Expertise and enthusiasm
to locations throughout the UK.
Designated venues.
Training Material and tools.
A cost effective, flexible training resource.
Expert advice to help you achieve your business goals.

Presenta Connect can organise and manage your events across the UK. With our dedicated resource, we can organise and manage your conferences - with confidence.


Conference organisation
& management.
Awards & Gala Dinners.
Networking events.
Delegate registration.
Technical and Audio Visual
Venue location.
Marketing, PR & sponsorship.
Exhibition sales & management.
Preparation of delegate packs


In conjunction with top UK virtual shopping channels, Presenta Connect can get your brand across millions of TV viewers and deliver immediate sales.

We also manage and produce product / marketing DVDs to promote,explain and sell your products.

Selling your products to customers via top TV shopping channels
Virtual shopping centre where your customers can shop for quality merchandise 24 hours a day, seven days a week via television, telephone or computer.
Using the top five TV shopping channels in the world.
Reaching over 22 million UK Homes, these channels broadcasts 24 hours each day - live from 9am to 2am.
Professional Product/Marketing DVD.
Youtube – the modern way to get message across to your customers.
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